Research Motor Neurone (RMN) was founded in 2007,  for the purpose of promoting and facilitating research into the causes and treatments of motor neurone disease (MND), also known as ALS. RMN also strives to increase awareness of this incurable disease at both a national and international level.

Ongoing research is needed to discover the cause, treatment and methods of improving quality of life for MND sufferers and their families.

The generous support from our donors helps us make progress in finding ways to help those who suffer from this debilitating condition. It is through the fundraising endeavours of all our sponsors that essential funds are raised to support RMN and our ongoing vital research. Thank you all for your kindness and continued support.

The Annual Oireachtas Christmas Charity Fashion Show


We are very excited to announce that tickets for the Annual Oireachtas Christmas Charity Fashion Show, taking place on December 8th, can now be purchased online! You can find all of the details about the event on our event page below, but please do not hesitate to get in touch at or 0868212659, if you have any queries at all. We look forward to seeing you there, on this festive night of fashion and fun, which is all in aid of RMN!

Tim Sheehy and MND Project MinE Ireland

Please take a look at this important video from Tim Sheehy and Project MinE Ireland. Tim Sheehy, a well known businessman who was diagnosed with MND earlier this year, explains the importance of the Project MinE initiative to MND research in Ireland and worldwide:

You can find out more about this crowdfunding initiative, which hopes to find the genes that cause MND, on the Project MinE Ireland website:

Today with Sean O’Rourke: Project MinE

Listen back to RTE Radio 1 to hear MND patient Tim Sheehy and Prof Orla Hardiman discuss why they are supporting Project MinE Ireland, a crowdfunding project that aims to find the genes that cause MND.